Core Faculty

CESE, IIT-Bombay
Amritanshu Shriwastav
 Amritanshu ShriwastavAssistant Professor
Ecology of microorganisms,Water and wastewater treatment,Algal bio-refinery for biofuel production ,Algal-bacterial photo-bioreactors ,Remediation of heavy metal contamination .
Anil Kumar Dikshit
 Anil Kumar DikshitProfessor
Water Supply; and Water & Wastewater Treatment,Urban and Industrial Solid Waste Management,Environmental Management; and Environmental Systems Modelling & Optimization,GIS for Environment,Industrial Effluent and Sludge Management.
Anurag Garg
 Anurag GargProfessor
Advanced oxidation processes (catalytic wet oxidation and Fenton) for the removal of persistent organic and inorganic compounds from industrial wastewaters,Nutrients removal from wastewater using a combination of physico-chemical and biological processes,Treatment of leachate (generated from Municipal solid waste landfill) using physico-chemical processes,Mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW),Energy recovery from solid recovered fuel (derived from MSW) and sludge generated from sewage treatment plants and industries .
Harish Phuleria
 Harish PhuleriaAssistant Professor
Aerosols & air quality characterization with a focus on nano/ultra-fine particles,Size-resolved outdoor PM chemical composition,Improved cook stoves efficacy, efficiency, longevity and adoption assessment,Environmental noise exposures,Exposure modelling using GIS, land use, questionnaire data.
Munish Chandel
 Munish ChandelAssociate Professor
Carbon Capture and Storage,Chemical Looping Combustion,Fluidized bed combustion,Greenhouse Gas Mitigation ,Solid Waste Management.
Sanjeev Chaudhari
 Sanjeev ChaudhariProfessor
Arsenic removal from water,Biological nutrient removal from wastewater,Application of Natural coagulants for water and Wastewater treatment,Treatment of textile wastewater by biological and physicochemical processes.
Shyam R. Asolekar
 Shyam R. AsolekarProfessor
Hazardous, municipal & biomedical waste management,Eco-industrial networking,Eco-centric and low-cost wastewater treatment,Treatment of leachates and special industrial wastewaters,Environmental policy and preventive environmental management.
Subhankar Karmakar
 Subhankar KarmakarProfessor
Environmental and Water Resources Systems: development of optimization models for surface water quality management, irrigation water management, floodplain planning and management, landfill leachate contamination risk assessment, optimal design of water & wastewater conveyance systems, design & evaluation of water quality monitoring network.,Uncertainty Modeling and Decision Science for Environmental Systems: probabilistic, fuzzy and interval approaches; multi-attribute decision making,Analysis of Hydro-climatic Extremes and Flood Management: multivariate flood and drought frequency analyses, non-stationary modeling of hydro-climatic extremes, mapping vulnerability to natural and human-induced hazards using GIS (at regional- and country-scales), flood risk mapping, near-real-time flood forecasting.,Environmetrics: multivariate statistical surface water quality assessment, evaluation of trophic states, rationalization of water quality monitoring stations..
Suparna Mukherji
 Suparna MukherjiProfessor & Head
Biotransformation and toxicity evaluation of complex organic pollutants,Fate and transport of pollutants in aquatic and subsurface systems,Physicochemical and biological treatment processes,Hazardous waste minimization and pollution prevention,Environmental statistics and design of experiments.
Virendra Sethi
 Virendra SethiProfessor
Aerosol and air quality,Hot gas clean-up (thermal gasification),Nano-Powder synthesis,Satellite remote sensing for air quality.


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