Sanjeev Chaudhari
Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 
Powai, Mumbai-400076, INDIA. 
Phone: +91 22 25767855
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 Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering) - 1993
  IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, India
  Thesis: Analysis, Evaluation and Modification of Xanthate Process for Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery from Wastewaters
 P.G. Diploma (Sanitary Engineering)
  IHE Delft, The Netherlands
 M.Tech. (Environmental Engineering)
  Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
 B.E. (Civil Engineering)
  S.G.S.I.T.S., Indore, India
Research Interests
Arsenic removal from water
Biological nutrient removal from wastewater
Application of Natural coagulants for water and Wastewater treatment
Treatment of textile wastewater by biological and physicochemical processes
Current Research
  INSA Visiting Scientist fellowship
  Indira Gandhi Fellowship for Environmental Conserv
  EPCO, Bhopal
  Career Award for Young teachers
  AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education,
  Best Young Scientist Award
  M.P. Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal
  Offered Scheme for Young Scientist project
  Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
Life Member - Indian Association of Environmental Management
Life Member - Indian Society for Technical Education
Life Member - Institution of Engineers (India)
Life Member - Indian Water Works Association
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Confernce Papers
Raghuvanshi, P. K., Bhuptawat, H. K., and Chaudhari, S., "Integrated Evaluation of Few natural Coagulants for Water Treatment",  Proceedings of the IIT-Bombay National Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Engineeri  held on December 8, 2003
Sarna, P. and Chaudhari, S., "Reliability Assessment of Activated Sludge Process for Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters using Statistical Techniques",  Proceedings of the IIT-Bombay National Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Engineeri  held on December 8, 2003
Bhuptawat, H. K., Folkard, G., Chaudhari, S. and Gupta, S. K., "Enhanced primary wastewater treatment with Moringa Olifera seeds",  Proceedings of the International Conference on Water and Environment, Bhopal  held on December 15, 2003
Sarna, P. and Chaudhari, S., "Reliability Assessment of Suspended Growth Bioreactor using Statistical Techniques",  Proceedings of the International Conference on Water and Environment  held on December 15, 2003
Manu, B. and Chaudhari, S., "Anaerobic and Hydrogen Peroxide Decolourization of Azo Dyes: A Comparative Evaluation",  Proceedings of the 28th WEDC International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Sanitation and Wa  held on November 18, 2002
Najir S. K. and Chaudhari S., "Innovative Method for Domestic Defluoridation of Water, Proceedings of International Workshop on Fluoride in Drinking Water: Strategies,Management and Mitigation",  Bhopal  held on January 22, 2001
Chaudhari, S., "Techniques of Effluent Management: Heavy Metal Pollution Control",  Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Management in Metallurgical Industries-  held on December 14, 2000
Raghuwanshi, P. K., Mandloi, M., Sharma, A. J., Malviya, H. S. and Chaudhari, S., "Integrated Evaluation of Natural Polyelectrolytes as coagulant aid",  Proceedings of EnviroVision 99  held on January 1, 1999
Pal, R., and Chaudhari, S., "Dairy Wastewater Treatment by Innovative Biological Attached Growth Suspended System",  Proc of the International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, Roorkee  held on Febuary 13, 1997
Professional Contributions
Reviewer, Water Research, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Environmental Technology
Member, Editorial Board,International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development (IJESD)
Member, Editorial Board,The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (IJSHE)
Designed water and wastewater treatment plants for industry and municipal Corporations