Research Areas

CESE, IIT-Bombay


Research and Development is a key component of CESE activities and spans a wide range of areas from basic to applied in tune with national and global requirements.

Sponsored Research Projects
Aerosols and Climate : PM-2.5 and Chemical Constituents from Combustion of Biomass Fuels in the Indian Subcontinent
Development of a Standard Method for Measurement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Biomass Emission Aerosol
Development of an Efficient Methodology for Marine Pollution Monitoring in an Industrialized Urban Environment : Remote Sensing Approach
Emission Factors of Respirable Aerosols and PAHs from Biofuel Cookstoves
Environmental Impact Assessment and Hazardous Waste Management
Innovative Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment.
Modelling of Urban and Regional Scale Air Pollution in India
Monitoring of Human Exposure to Air Pollution in Highly Industrial Area
Studies in the Physicochemical Degradation of Radioactive Waste at the Soil-water Interface and Development of a Suitable Clay Liner for Containment of the Waste
Treatment of Ammoniacal Wastewater from Heavy Water Plant

Consultancy Projects
Adaptive Technology - Environmental Systems
Air Dispersion Modelling of Thermal Power Stations using ISC Software
Air Monitoring at Panvel Junction
Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling for Trombay Thermal Power Station
Ambient Air and Marine Water Quality Monitoring from JNP, Nhava Sheva
Biological Treatment of Steel Plant Effluents
Capacity Building in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Caustic Concentration Systems
Development of Treatment Methodologies
Dry Inventorization of Effluent Generation by MIDC, Bombay
Environmental Impact Assessment of a Combined Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility
Environmental Impact Assessment of Hazardous Waste TSDF
Emissions from Repellant Coils
Environmental Database Management Systems for Power Plants
Environmental Management Plan for Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
Environmental Status of Kalyan Municipal Corporation
Environmental Status Survey
Field Air Monitoring for Mumbai Urban Transport Project
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Industrial Development Bank of India Tower
Microbial Reduction of Sulphate
Projects on Pollution Abatement
Treatability of Wastewater from Mantari Industries
Treatability Study of Wastewater from Indian Petroleum Corporation Ltd.